Virgin Coconut oil infused with healing botanicals created to hydrate and protect your body, naturally.


Coco La Vie is my desert island, can't-live-without- it product. This gorgeous oil smells like geranium and feels smooth as silk. I love how I can use it for everything from aromatherapy to massage. There is always a jar next to the bed in our home and packed in my carry on when we travel.

Jessie De Lowe @howyouglow

This product has not only spiced up my love life by adding an element of sensuality and ease, but also made being intimate so much more pleasurable after going through pregnancy. Coco La Vie sits next to our bedside- and has traveled on a few weekend trips with us. Can't live without it anymore.

Leah Kitching; Founder of @studioelevatela

This product has changed my life. It's natural, healthy and healing my body from the outside in with it's exquisite simple formula. I love the element of fore-play it brings to my man and I. It adds so much comfort and ease to being intimate and close to someone alleviating pressure to be perfect all the time.   

Laura Buttler MD.