Darkness and light... we have it all.

She alludes fatal attraction. Fierce yet soft in nature, balanced like the yin and yang, she may be up and down and all around but she is steady in heart and soul.

Her unwavering passion ignites you, it lights you on fire(it blazes inside you). She adds pleasure to every dynamic in this life because she loves her body and respects her own mind. She’ll push you to your tipping point all while nurturing your heart without you even realizing it, in the sexy subtle way. You watch her move across the room, the way she touches miscellaneous objects with softness and care. You watch the sway of her hips, her diligence, and grace in dance.  And it feeds your soul.

“Sex and art are the same thing” ~ Pablo Picasso.

So let’s make it that, let's make it an art form of touch, sexual bondage, and seduction in the best form. ART.

Heighten the pleasure and connection between the two of you. Nobody needs this but it's everything that we need to breath. Life without passion is not living at all. Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, and sexual rapture. Aphrodisiac, the aroma that intrigues all sexual desire. It calms you, it heals you from the inside out, releases any tension the way that one moment hits us when we finally reach our destination and are relieved of all the worries in the world.

The oils in Coco La Vie are ritually exquisite and added to distract the senses to one thing.


He’s masculine and feminine, he becomes everything you dreamt of because you dreamt him into this life of creation.  This life of art and structured madness. He’s the one you watch across the room and fantasize about. You create together and apart. You could live without each other and you do but the breath just isn't as sweet without the passion you enthrall in together.   This is our life and time stands still for all but no one, so live in love, in rapture and passion like the great gods in ancient Greece and the Pharaohs of pyramids- great wonders of the world.

This oil is not needed yet distressed. It will elevate your intimacy and desire. Creating the perfect amount mystique.

For heaven's sake don't waste this life on meaningless moments. Forget everything around you and live right now.  Touch each other with intention. COCO LA VIE is for anywhere you want to put it, lay it, rub it swirl it or massage it. It nourishes the skin, it heals delicate tissues, balances our lives and hormones. Relieving stress, bringing intimacy and contact back to the act of art and sex. Know what your lover desires, Life is better giving pleasure.

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