Liquid Gold: Coco La Vie

Dear Goddess readers and their partners. Coconut oil is liquid gold for our bodies from the outside in. Don't be fooled by false claims of it being bad or the wrong kind of "fat". But what I'm talking about here is coconut oil for S E X. The matrix will pull you in if you fall for the false claims know that the research is all out there and I have gladly spent the last three years studying the effects it could have on our bodies especially using it for sensual purposes, yes I mean intimacy. Sex oil. Coconut oil as many of you know is liquid when warm and solid when cold. This is due to the lauric acid found in the oil. Also known as the magical substance that is antiviral and bacterial for humans. Think about it. The tissue on our reproductive organs is so thin and delicate that we need to be aware of what we put on those areas and also remember not to ignore those areas. They need nourishment and hydration just like any other part of our body. The more hydrated and healthy we are the longer we can stay intimate with the one we love, the more confidence we have to enjoy the ride! During times of intimacy, we can get a little rough, oh yes. We like it that way. Just another reason to protect our skin and bodies from the outside in. This oil adds a little spice to what should be a ritual of in intimacy... vulnerability and sex. Life and love, it gets a bit messy sometimes but it's worth it! Never settle...

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