Rituals have been used for centuries as a disciplinary act of devotion to change or adhere to religious beliefs or thoughts thereof.  

In the world we live today, we should ask many questions as to why one would have or create rituals in their lives. Depending on the life you lead and desire you have to be fulfilled- most of us are quite consumed by technology and working to make money. We have lost sight of what truly matters. The ancient Egyptians called this Maya- an illusion that we all "buy" into because to some extent it is all we know because it is all we were taught. 

Many people in this time feel lost overwhelmed and disconnected. Religion has its beauty, let me first say this. But it has its dark side on the human psyche. One that has created fear and shame hidden so deep in the souls of many around the world. Fear and shame are the lowest self-depriving emotions of love. 

Science will tell you that the discipline of creating rituals can heal the body and the mind with the soul to follow. I believe this. We need the deepest kind of self-care and love one could call for, that of a king or a queen... this may sound new to you. Please do try it, if you wish to heal, to feel lighter and brighter to be a better partner, a stronger more patient parent, a better boss, sibling, friend or even foe....create rituals that heal, to love and treat yourself like a king or queen. If you do one thing every day let it be to set foot in nature. To add another is to quiet the mind, tune to your breathing, the rise and fall of your chest, emanating on love and white light. Keep going from there, let making your coffee or tea be a beautiful ritual, let waking in bed and feeling the light be a ritual of self-love. We cannot fully love others unless we love ourselves and fill our own cup. 

This is when we can truly show up for our loves and hold brilliant space for them to be seen and for ourselves to lean into the vulnerability of also being seen and loved. Love is like the air we breathe, we must inhale, to receive and allow another's love and exhale, to give the love we desire.

Coco La Vie was created to join you in these rituals of self-care, love, intimacy, and sensuality.  To know yourself is emotional intelligence. 

Here are some ideas on how to create sacred space and tune into sensuality and desire: 

Set up an evening of sensual intimacy. Cooking food, taking a bath, massaging one another, listen to calming music, relieving each other of stresses of the world.

Burn a bit of Sage or Palo Santos, light a clean burning lightly scented candle,(we created one just for you) or use an essential oil that resonates with you and naturally encourages calmness. Lavender or rose seem to vibrate the highest. 

Women slip a little CLV on to hydrate your vagina before sex and after showering

Massage gently a small amount of CLV- as an anti-aging oil for face and décolleté

      Perfect for massaging underarms & breasts to increase circulation and balance hormones you can do this alone or let your lover do it 

      Rub daily over pregnancy belly to decrease discomfort and stretch marks

      Use as your after sun skin care love; coconut oil is anti-cancerous for our skin

      Water is life. It is our bodies, our brains, and our hearts. Drink pure clean water all day long.... You'll vibrate higher, feel better and look heather in the eyes, the gateway to the soul. 

      Fall in love with your life~ CLV

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