Coconut Oil + Botanicals

How do I use Coconut Oil + Botanicals?

Please open the jar carefully as our oil turns liquid in warm temperatures.

Using clean, dry hands, melt the luxury oil into your skin. Anywhere that is dry and as desired, use it as a lubrication oil for intimacy. Massage yourself or your lover using Coco La Vie as a medium for connection.

“I use it from head to toe right out of the shower - still a bit damp, I glide the oil all over my skin for deep hydration and increased libido.” - Founder & CEO, Kassidi Batt

Can you use Coconut Oil + Botanicals with latex condoms & toys?

No, do not use our oil with latex condoms or sex toys. Oil lubricants breaks down latex materials which ultimately causes the condom to break. 

Can I use Coconut Oil + Botanicals with silicone sex toys?

Yes! Our oil can be used with silicone toys. Make sure to clean your toy after each use with the appropriate cleanser recommended by your toys manufacturer.

Can I use Coconut Oil + Botanicals for things other than sex? 

Our Coconut Oil + Botanicals may be used on the skin from head to toe. We like to use it as an after sun care and after shower hydration for the skin. Our luxury oil is packed with antioxidants that help heal the skin and prevent premature ageing. You may view our full list of ingredients and their benefits here.

Is Coconut Oil + Botanicals safe for sex? Is this an all natural product?

Our oil is all natural made from quality, organic ingredients. As with any new product, we recommend doing a small patch test before diving in. You may view our full list of ingredients and their benefits here.

I've heard coconut oil shouldn't be used for intimacy. Is this true?

Bodies react differently to certain ingredients so please use your judgement on if this product is right for you. When using for intimacy, we recommend starting with a quarter size worth of product - a little goes a long way. Use Coco La Vie to enhance your life and intimate moments only if it is right for you. 

Does Coco La Vie test on animals?

No! Our oil has NOT been tested on animals. 

Are Coco La Vie products vegan?

No. Our oil includes Organic Beeswax however, we do NOT test on animals. Beeswax hydrates, conditions, soothes, and calms the skin while providing a protective barrier against environmental pollutants. You can view our full list of ingredients and their benefits here.

When will my order ship?

Your order will ship in one to 2-3 business days unless otherwise specified in the ordering details. Please reach out via email if there is a request or concern you would like to be addressed. You can view our shipping policy here.

Do you accept returns?

Yes! If you need to return an item we would be happy to assist you. Although, we’re not too worried - this oil is a bedside must have! Learn more about our return policy here.