Organic Coconut Oil *cocos nucifera 

Our Virgin Coconut Oil is rich with antioxidants that soothe and hydrate the skin on a molecular level - helping to protect the skin from pre-mature aging, infection and micro tears. This anti-viral, anti-bacterial oil is immersed with healing properties the way nature intended. 

We only source the highest quality of Virgin Coconut Oil. Sustainably farmed and ethically produced. 

Geranium Oil *Pelargonium hortorum

The aphrodisiac of oils, Geranium helps to balance hormones, while improving cognitive function. It also works to promote collagen function, boost your immune system, and soothe the symptoms of menstruation.

Non GMO Vitamin E *Tocopherol

Your anti-aging love, Vitamin E oil is thought to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and moisturizes to keep skin supple and smooth.

Organic Beeswax *Cera Alba

High in Vitamin A, Beeswax is a healer that protects the skin with a natural barrier without clogging the pores, while supporting cell regeneration.

All natural, sustainably sourced, cruelty-free, BHA free, Paraben-free

Made in the U.S.A