Redefining Ritual 

For centuries Rituals have been used as an act of devotion to change and worship the sacred, even sacrifice was used in seeking abundance or health. They have always been about enhancing our daily lives. We believe you can weave ritual and meaning through out everything we are thinking, saying, and doing. 

Consciousness as a form of ritual

Many people at this time feel lost, overwhelmed and disconnected. Science will tell you that the discipline of creating rituals around meditation can heal and connect our body, mind and soul.  We can also deepen our connection to earth which grounds us and gives us stability. 

To quiet the mind, tune to your breathing, the rise and fall of your chest, emanating on love and white light. Keep going from there, let making your coffee or tea be a beautiful ritual, let love fill your body as you wake in the morning light. Give yourself the gift of time to write, to love yourself to uncover the hidden beauty that is within you. 

Sensuality as a form of ritual

When we slow down and tune in to the magic of a certain moment we reduce our stress levels, we are present to anyone who is with us. It's scientifically shown to stabilize estrogen which increases serotonin, responsible for dopamine in the brain which makes you feel alive and happy. 

Love is like the air we breathe, we must inhale, to receive and allow and exhale, to give more of what we desire.


Rituals + Moon

Creating rituals around the moon are nothing new… our bodies are attuned to the wax and wain of her light just like the sea. We can however bring a new element to these sacred times of creation and abandon that which doesn't serve us. Releasing shame attached to  sexuality for generations before and after us.  

Full Moons are a time for cleansing. We release the last lunar cycle and all that we experienced, and re-calibrate for the New Moon; a time of new beginnings. Full Moon rituals hold that space for us to sit down with our lessons and emotions, and release those that won’t serve us next month. We urge you to use whatever medium it takes, crystals, journaling, community of women, a warm sensual bath, and know that we are collectively healing even if and when we are alone.


Ritual + Shadow Work 

We must shine light on the dark parts of our life that may be holding us back from our truth.  What do you need to cleanse to come full circle back to your highest self? Rituals provide space to re-connect and heal. To release the overwhelm of the world we live in and our everyday lives. The ancient Egyptians called it Maya; an illusion that we all ‘buy’ into something we think will fuel us. We call it distraction. Unfulfilling. Temporary. Self-love and healing are infinite.


Ritual + Compassion 

Self love and healing happen in layers. We begin to vibrate at a higher heart frequency and it radiates from within into everything you do. When we bring compassion into our lives as a form of ritual you feel more ease and flow in your life. Your morning coffee excites you, you greet others with joy even on their hardest day, our reactions become less aggravated. Your loved ones benefit the most. The people you surround yourself with feel your light, your relationships feel your presentness, your communication strengthens as you understand what you need, and what you can give. Intimacy is the remedy for the soul and your relationship.  It sparks passion and depth. The touch of another human alone can heal us, while the world melts away for your souls to re-connect. 


Your own sacred rituals and how to incorporate Coco La Vie into them:

Get lost in an evening of sensual intimacy. Cook food together, feed each other slowly. Take a bath together and let the water wash over you both as you sense and touch. Massage one another with Coco La Vie oil, listening to calming music, relieving each other of stresses of the world.

Burn away the day. Light one of our White Sage and Geranium candles and allow their natural healing and cleansing properties to fill your home. Slow down, meditate and quieten your mind as you release.

Hydrate your skin, sex and sensuality. Coco La Vie is an anti-aging aphrodisiac. Gently massage a small amount on the face and décolleté daily, and use it as your intimate lubricant nightly. The geranium oil helps to arouse sexual desire, while the beeswax works to nourish and protect your skin.

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Coco La Vie was created to join you in these rituals of self-care, love & Intimacy. 

  • Set up an evening of sensual intimacy. Cooking food, taking a bath, massaging one another, listening to calming music, let any stress melt away. No phones, no T.V. 
  • Burning of Sage or Palo Santos, light a clean burning lightly scented candle ,(we created one just for you) or use an essential oil that resonates with you and naturally encourages calmness. Lavender or rose seem to vibrate the highest. 
  • Women slip a little CLV on to hydrate your vagina before sex and after showering
  • Massage gently a small amount of CLV- as an anti-aging oil for face and décolleté
  • Perfect for massaging underarms & breasts to increase circulation and balance hormones you can do this alone or let your lover do it... 
  • Rub daily over pregnancy belly to decrease discomfort and stretch marks
  • Use as your after sun skin care treatment; coconut oil is anti-cancerous for our skin along with all the other benefits. 
  • Drink pure clean water throughout the day.... You'll see and feel the vibrance in your skin and eyes and your body will thank you. 


Rituals are here to reset the past, prepare for the future, and treat ourselves in the present. 

Fall in love with your life~ CLV