The Art of Sex

 We believe that touch is one of the most important senses in life, it never turns off or takes a break, and it continues to work long after all the other senses fail.

It’s scientifically proven that touch through intimacy, can relieve stress and the effects on the body and mind.

We created Coco La Vie for you and your lover to connect confidently through vulnerable pleasure.

Our oil is formulated to heal and protect your body in the most intimate moments between the sheets or wherever you care to do so... 

Coco La Vie uses the most nourishing oils that help to balance hormones,
sustain a healthy ph balance, repair & hydrate your skin from the outside in.  
The aphrodisiac aroma is just enough to enhance the moment while mixing with your own natural aroma to ensure many perfect sessions with your lover....
Oooo lala'